Finding Tami’s Father…

by | Nov 28, 2018

Now that it is confirmed via DNA that Forrest Robert Griffin (b. 1945 – living) is Tami’s father, we can use the following to confirm DNA relationships.

Tami, b. 1969 >
her father, Forrest Robert Griffin, b. 1945 – living >
her grandmother > Beulah Romans, 1913-1980 >
her 1st ggm > Mary Jane Alan > 1892-1966 >
her 2nd ggf > George H. Alan 1863-1942 and
her 2nd ggm > Margaret H. Forbes 1864-1942 >
her 3rd ggf > James Forbes 1825-1905 and
her 3rd ggm > Mary Norris 1831-1913

CONNECTION 1: Rosanne Ricks (family tree on MyHeritage; also on Ancestry)
Shared DNA: 126 cMs (predicted 1st cousin 2x removed – 2nd cousin 2x removed)
Rosanne and Tami share a 3rd Great Grandparent in James Forbes and Mary Norris.  James and Mary had Jane Forbes, who features in Rosanne’s tree, and Margaret Forbes, who features in Tami’s.

3rd Cousins Once Removed.  Not as predicted but the range for this relationship is 0-173 with 48 cMs being the average.

Connection 2: Mary McBride (family tree on MyHeritage)
Shared DNA 56.3 cMs (predicted 3rd-5th cousin)

Let’s review Mary’s online tree to find the relationship.
Mary’s parents are: Robert Franklin Wall and Annabelle Harris >
Mary’s grandparents are: Thomas Holwell Wall and Florence Adelia Jaques >
Mary’s great-grandparents are: Franklin Theodore Jaques and Mary Ann Evans >
Mary’s 2nd great-grandparents are: Thomas Evans and Mary Norris >
Mary’s 3rd great-grandparents are: William Norris and Mary Rowland

The connection is with Tami’s 4th great-grandparents William Norris and Mary Rowland.  

 4th Cousins Once Removed.  

Connection 3: BA (Allan on Ancestry)
Shared DNA 190 cMs (predicted 3rd-4th cousins)

Because BA did not have an extensive tree on Ancestry I decided to create one: “Allan Family Tree”.
Let’s review BA’s tree to find a cross-connection with Rosanne Ricks.
BA’s parents are: Kenneth E Allen and Ms. (Avalon) Baird >
BA’s grandparents are: John Henry Allen and Elfie Woolsey >
BA’s great-grandparents are: George Allan and Margaret H Forbes >

The connection is with Tami’s 2nd great-grandparents George Allan and Margaret H Forbes.

2nd Cousins Once Removed.

[Left this in place because it is spot on accurate]  Because I don’t know the birth details of BA Allen (marked “Private Allen” on above tree) I can’t hone in on the common connection between BA and Tami.  However, we can guess based on the information given.  If Kenneth was born in 1921, and because he was in World War 2, it stands to reason that he married close to the war’s end and BA was born 1946-1948 and thus would be the same generation as Tami’s bio-dad.  This means BA is a generation removed from Tami.  So, they are likely once removed.  Using a chart designed by Blaine Bettinger, a renown genetic genealogist, 190 cMs shared could very well be 2nd cousins once removed, the average is 123 cMs with a range from 0-316.  From experience, Ancestry will default to a solid 3rd cousin for any/all 2nd cousins with times removed.

Therefore, this may mean that BA and Tami share a 1st Great Grandparent…possibly George Allan and Margaret H Forbes, but could be as distant as James Forbes and Mary Norris.

Connection 4: Robin Stark (family tree on MyHeritage)
Shared DNA 52.5 cMs (predicted 3rd-5th cousin match)

Robin’s parents: Myron Koziar (born 1916) and (private) Ray >
Robin’s grandparents: Raymond Ray and Mattie Green >
Robin’s 1st great grandparents: David Oscar Green and Martha >
Robin’s 2nd great grandparents: George William Green and Davinie Smith Forbes >
Robin’s 3rd great grandparents: John Forbes Jr. and Janet Smith >
Robin’s 4th great grandparents: John Forbes and Catharine Findley

Because John Forbes Jr. and Janet Smith do not feature in Tami’s tree, John is a brother to James Forbes who does feature, we move back a generation to James’ and John’s parents, John Forbes and Catharine Findley, 4th great grandparents to Tami, 4th also to Robin.  

5th Cousins.


James Forbes of this place died Sunday night after an illness of many months.  He was in his seventy-ninth year.  He leaves a wife and quite a large family.  He is one of the oldest settlers here.  His home was up on the mountain road, near where the late John Hill used to live.  The funeral services were held in Kaysville Tuesday afternoon.  The remains were laid to rest in the Kaysville cemetery.  [Davis County Clipper, 14 July 1905]
James Forbes was allegedly born 31 August 1826 in Scotland.  He was 79 years, 10 months and 9 days at the time of his death that occurred on 9 July 1905 at Layton, Davis, Utah.  His cause of death was senile degeneration which the certificate states james had for a period of 60 days.  Certificate says James’s father was also named James, of Scotland; and his mother’s name is left blank.  James was a farmer.  Henry Forbes of Layton was the informant.
The above clipping is taken from the Old Parish Registers Births 412 / 20 18 Cameron p18 of 168 via

Sandwiched between the lines in smaller print are the words “31 (this being under the month of August in the year of 1826) James, Son of John Forbes [&] Catherine Findlay [,] born this day & baptized 14th May 1826.  Forbes”.  James was born in 1825, not 1826 as the death certificate incorrectly records.

The 1900 US Census states that James came to America in 1853.  Some Ancestry trees show two children born to James while in Scotland, which argues for the fact that he was there married.  Scotlandspeople does show a James Forbes having wed an Ann Reid on 6 December 1849 in the Gamrie & Macduff parish with two children born: Ann on 22 September 1850 and Helen on 19 August 1852.  However, there is no evidence to show that this is the same individual, especially given the fact that James seems to have come alone to the States and married in 1860.