McMellen Genealogy

Cornelius McMillan (McMellen) was a veteran of Lincoln’s War who was injured at the Battle of Shiloh by having an artillery wagon run over both his chest and head sustaining heavy damage.  Because of his injury he applied for a pension due to his being an invalid unable to work.  That pension file was ordered from and partially received from the National Archives.  Cost: $80.  It contains but the first 100 pages of a 2-folder file.  There are 200 more pages!  I’ve been billed $140 for the remnant of the pages for a total cost of $220.  To help offset this cost (my cost) I am making the entire file available for $75.  Please contact me at if interested.  Thank you.

Jay Kruizenga


(From Left to Right) Leslie Edgar (2nd son), Edgar James, Edgar J. (4th son) and the small boy is Larry, Leslie’s son. Picture likely circa 1950s.
Photo Courtesy Brian & Theresa McMellen.

Photo: 1897.  Features the Edgar Joseph McMellen Family.  Edgar Joseph with wife Alice (Porter).  Son, Edgar James.  Daughter, Ethel.

(Left to Right): Edgar Joseph McMellen, his twin Edward, and John McMellen. Photo Courtesy Brian & Theresa McMellen.

Alice A. and Edgar J. McMellen

Edgar J. McMellen and (?)