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“Before I became acquainted with Jay I hired the “Pro” genealogists to try to break through my other brick wall (whose claim to fame is working on the genealogy shows).  I cannot say enough about how different my experience was.  Jay’s work, both with his personal communication and documentation skills, as well as research skills far exceeded these other genealogists by a long distance…”

Kathleen Powell of Texas

Why Hire a Michigan-Based Genealogist?

We focus with a fervent intent upon the Great State of Michigan.

Michigan-Based Genealogists

We specialize in Michigan resources using local archives: things impossible for Utah-based firms to do.

Lower Overhead - Lower Cost

Because we are a smaller firm we don’t have to charge the massive fees of our competitors.  We pass this cost savings on to you.

Access to Offline Records

There are numerous record sets that are not published anywhere online.  These are accessible exclusively at Michigan courthouses, archives, libraries, and other places.  Being localized to Michigan we have access to them all.

High Quality Research Strategies

We put together a well thought out research strategy for each client objective we contract taking into account all the prior research already conducted so as to avoid expensive overlaps.

How fortunate that we located Genealogist Jay Kruizenga!  Long ago we hit the amateur researcher’s “brick wall”.  We had performed on-line searches in the Grand Rapids area for historical & genealogical societies, churches, cemeteries, county clerk offices, and more.

Jay responded promptly to my email inquiry.  We reviewed a sample work contract and knew this was the way to go to learn more.  And we are thrilled with the results!

Jay is detailed in communication back and forth.  He knows where and how to dig deeply for a variety of information about our relatives.  Additionally, Jay provided local and national history of that era – that is when our people became real.”

Jim & Diane Stittgen of Alaska

Our Specialties

Michigan-based Genealogists = Michigan-based Results.

General Research

From finding lost ancestors to researching how an ancestor died or what became of them: these are the most common daily research requests we receive. 

Reuniting Birth Parents with Children: Adoptions

Adopted?  Searching for your birth parent(s)?  Let us assist you in the process.  We have successfully matched adoptees with their birth parents and adopted ancestors with their kin.  

DNA Research

You took a DNA test…now what?  Let MIGenesPro.com  define your results and help place you in contact with cousins from around the world.  

Locating Lost Graves and Buried Headstones

Been told your ancestor doesn’t have a headstone?  We have found over 100 buried headstones in the general Grand Rapids area: some that haven’t seen the light of day for over 100 years!  Let us find yours.

Requesting Michigan Records of Insanity – My Proposal

Requesting Michigan Records of Insanity – My Proposal

At the time of this writing in the State of Michigan many patient records from the various mental institutions across the State are housed at the Michigan Archives in Lansing, Michigan. Unfortunately… you can’t view them.  Patient records are closed to the public. In...

How to Find “Missing” Michigan Birth and Death Records

How to Find “Missing” Michigan Birth and Death Records

Birth and Death records in the State of Michigan began around January of 1867; however, these were in no manner enforced. It may very well be that you have a Michigan Ancestor that you know was born or died in Michigan around 1870 but can’t locate a death record. This...

How to Pinpoint a Year for Your Early Grand Rapids Photograph

How to Pinpoint a Year for Your Early Grand Rapids Photograph

From the early period in Grand Rapids history there have been able photographers making a living at their art.  The annual City Directories listed these, some with ads.  What follows is a complete list of every listed photographer from 1859-1925.  In the later period,...

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